We’re launching a pilot for a new venture that will deliver fresh local food to employees at their place of work.  We are looking for local foods champions who want to participate in this pilot by providing a coordinating role at their organization.

What is it?

Diggit Local is a new venture, launching this June, that seeks to broaden market reach for local farmers while providing convenient access to local food for busy professionals via online ordering and weekly delivery to their workplace.

What are we asking of you?

Diggit Local is seeking individuals passionate about local food who want to work with us in this pilot phase to launch local food delivery at their place of work.  We’re looking for people to help facilitate the roll-out to interested participants in their workplace and to provide input and feedback on the service with the goal of improving and refining it.

Why sign up?

By helping Diggit Local create a successful service, you’ll be helping connect farmers with consumers they wouldn’t otherwise reach.  In addition, you and other employees in your organization will receive weekly local food deliveries to your workplace.


  • Your organization should be located within a 25-mile radius of Boston
  • For a viable service we would like to have the potential for at least 25 participating employees

For more information:

Please contact Sieg and Sasha at info@diggitlocal.com with any questions or to set up a call.